About Us

 Carbografite, an authentic Brazilian company, founded in 1967. It has been developing, manufacturing, distributing and exporting products and services for the industrial safety, welding and tools markets.

 Our eight manufacturing units situated in Petropolis (a mountainous region 100 km from Rio de Janeiro) offer quality assurance of its products, thus making it a national reference in the production and distribution of our range of products, always with health and safety and respect for the environment as a priority.

 We have a sales team, a wide range of distributors and technical personnel for services and development of new products working alongside our customers. Carbografite is present throughout the country of Brazil.

 Carbografite is a market leader due to our constant commitment and improvements made to ensure the quality of our products and services through investments in technological development and thanks to a highly skilled and well-trained workforce.


 To maintain our position as a national reference in the production and commercialization of our product line in the welding, safety and tools industries.


 Meet and exceed all of our client’s needs and expectations, we strive to continually improve our processes in compliance with all the rules and regulations that ensure the standards of our products and services, while always taking health and safety and respect for the Environment very seriously.


-Achieve customer satisfaction for all of our clients

-Improved and innovative products.

-Focus on results.

-Continuous and productive work.



-Social responsibility.


 The certification since 2005, of our quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001 shows the constant concern Carbografite has to monitor and improve its products and services with the continuous development of new products and modern manufacturing processes, as well as the qualification and training of our employees.


+55 24 2222 9900

Monday through Friday

8 a.m until 5 p.mh

 After undergoing extensive audits of the quality management system in recent years and meeting all of the requirements of ISO 9001:2008, Carbografite Industrial Equipment Ltda. is approved and recommended in more than 30 countries through the IQNET as a high quality company.

 The ISO 9001 certification confirms that the company applies ten principles into their management processes, aiming to continuously improve performance:

1. Client Focus: The Company understands the current and future expectations of their internal and external clients, seeking to satisfy their needs and implement methods of monitoring satisfaction with products and services offered.

2. Participative leadership, the company sets goals and creates an environment of involvement of its staff with the organization's goals.

3. Involvement of people: employees feel committed to the company and motivated by their work.

4. Process approach: the company's activities are treated as processes, which means that the outputs from one process affects the inputs of another, and therefore, all the links in the chain are strengthened with infrastructure and training.

5. Systemic approach to management: the company monitors, identifies, analyzes, understands and manages the processes.

6. Continual improvement: the company continually seeks excellence in its processes, products and services

7. Mutually beneficial supplier relationships: the company and its suppliers are interdependent and benefit from a partnership that is mutually beneficial in order to obtain products with the best cost-benefit ratio of the market.

8. Laws and standards: The Company performs all of its activities in compliance with all regulatory laws and standards applicable to its products and services.

9. Ethics: the company meets guidelines in its code of ethics that define the actions, decisions and standards of conduct in their activities.

10. Environment: The Company encourages and practices respect for the environment and promotes social responsibility through our actions.

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+55 24 2222 9900


Carbografite Equipamentos Industriais LTDA

Estrada União e Indústria, 15.500 - Petrópolis - RJ

CEP: 25.750-226 - CNPJ: 36.427.615/0001- 46