About Us

Founded in 1967, Carbografite has been developing, manufacturing, distributing and exporting products and services in the areas welding, industrial safety and tools.

We are a genuinely Brazilian company. The eight manufacturing units installed in Petrópolis, in the mountainous region of Rio de Janeiro, guarantee the quality of our products, which has made us a national reference in the production and marketing of our production line. Always concerned with human safety and respect for the environment.

With its own sales team, a broad network of distributors and a technical team for customer service and development of new products for end users, Carbografite is present throughout the country.

The leadership achieved by Carbografite in the segments in which it operates is the result of constant commitment to improving the quality of its products and services, through investments in technological development and the training of its employees.


To be a national reference in the production and sale of equipment for the areas of welding, safety and tools.


To meet all the needs and expectations of our customers, continually improving the quality of our processes and complying with the standards and laws that ensure the standard of our products and services, always guaranteeing human safety and respect for the environment.


- Total satisfaction of internal and external customers.

- Better products.

- Focus on results.

- Continuous and productive work.

- Respect.

- Honesty.

- Social responsibility.

- Sustainability.

The certification, since 2005, of our quality management system in accordance with the ISO 9001 standard shows Carbografite's constant concern in monitoring and always improving our products and services with their continuous development in modern manufacturing processes, as well as the qualification and training of our employees.

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+55 24 2222 9900


Carbografite Equipamentos Industriais LTDA

Estrada União e Indústria, 15.500 - Petrópolis - RJ

CEP: 25.750-226 - CNPJ: 36.427.615/0001- 46