Caring for the Environment

Carbografite believes that just as every citizen, every company has a commitment to people's quality of life and the environment and that is why the company believes whole heartedly in investing on social responsibility and environmental actions contributing to the transformation of society and the country.

Carbografite has been active with regards to sustainability, supporting and stimulating voluntary activities inside and outside the company promoting sustainable development actions throughout its production chain and working on values such as ethics, integrity and respect.

Commitment to sustainable development:

  • - Selective waste collection and disposal.

  • - Rational use of electricity.

  • - Reuse of leftover raw material.

  • - Do not dispose of sewage or chemical waste in rivers, streams or lakes.
  • - No ground pollution from chemicals or other polluting material.
  • - Under any circumstances, no use of child labor, forced or slave labor.
  • - No discrimination (race, color, religion, sexual orientation, etc.) in employee selection processes. Adhere to the use of fair forms, respecting the principles of equal rights in the selection process.
  • - Respect the labor laws of the country, making payments in a fair manner and guaranteeing all the rights of the employees.
  • - Use of production practices that fully guarantee the health and safety of employees in the work environment.
  • - Production of goods and services which do not endanger the health and physical or psychological safety of consumers.
  • - Elaborate contracts with consumers and other companies that are clear, objective and fair.
  • - Efficient customer service that is always willing to meet the needs of the consumer.

Socio-environmental projects:

Projeto Água

Creator and founder of the NGO Water Project, Carbografite created the Seal Company Partnership, a brand that is dedicated full-time to Socio-environmental initiatives allocating a percentage of the proceeds from all of the products sold to implementing and maintaining projects promoted by the NGO. In the 19 years since it was founded with the support of partner companies and volunteers, eleven environmental programs were created.

  • Water is Life Program
  • Reforestation Program
  • The Paths of water program
  • A Garden for Butterflies
  • Workshop of the 5Rs
  • Vegetable Garden school program
  • Garden of the Senses program
  • Aquaponics and Greenhouse
  • The Birds that Live Here
  • Suspended Medicinal Garden
  • Read to Transform
  • Mario Veiga Boat Museum
  • Wild Animals that Inhabit Our Forest
  • Philo Spring
  • Cherry Blossom Path

All products with the Carbografite brand receive the PARTNER COMPANY seal and a percentage of the proceeds is allocated to the socio-environmental programs developed by the NGO.


Concerned with the preservation of the planet and aligned with concepts of responsible manufacturing and quality, Carbografite uses Solar Energy in most of its 8 manufacturing units. Considered a clean energy source, Solar Energy is, as the name suggests, extracted from solar radiation naturally present in our environment. With this, we minimize the consumption of energy from non-renewable sources that impact the environment or pollute it. Responsible manufacturing is one of Carbografite's missions. And the use of Solar Energy is another action of respect for the environment and society so that we can have sustainable development of the planet.

Garbage and recycling, it is time to reuse

An initiative in partnership with the NGO Water Project – Promotes the importance of the selective collection of waste generated by the company as well as the practice of Reusing and Recycling of all the garbage generated in the productive and administrative areas. The result of this initiative is the reduction of 90% of waste that would normally be discarded and sending nonreusable residue to a recycler.

Eyeglasses for those who need it

An initiative in partnership with the Eye Clinic ‘Dr. Tannure’, Lions Club of Petrópolis Itaipava, and the Institute of See and Live – It promotes the importance of eye health. All employees have the opportunity to schedule an appointment with the city's appointed ophthalmologists and offers them the chance to acquire their prescription eyeglasses for well below the market price.


Our industrial park located in Petrópolis was 100% equipped with LED lamps throughout the year 2018. This action brought us environmental and economic benefits.


Led does not contain mercury or heavy metals in its composition, and it does not pose health risks in case of breakage because it does not contain toxic materials.


They have a longer lifespan and provide certain energy savings with the same brightness, and they are also more resistant than conventional lamps.

People in action

An initiative led by company employees – Divulge and support Social Actions, encourages the practice of solidarity, divulges the social campaigns led by employees of the company and reinforces the importance of working together to achieve the common good. "Together we are stronger, we are unbeatable!"

Reading & Trace

An initiative in partnership with the NGO Water Project - It provides the stimulus to encourage the habit of reading. We offer 3 library areas, allowing the employee to choose the book of their choice, with their favorite author and return after reading. The books are changed periodically by the Library of the NGO Water Project. This initiative also promotes the exchange of books between employees, donation of institutions and individuals.

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